Selective Mutism and Social Pressure

Summer and autumn have now ended and winter has arrived; it is getting increasingly cold. Sometimes, when I walk to class during the early mornings, I notice the greenery looking somewhat less green and more frosty white instead. In the winter different bits of life freeze, but they do not stay frozen.       [...]

Selective Mutism and “Why?”

So, things have changed a little and things will always be changing, at least, a little. My opinions are evolving and they will never reach completion. I have done lots of reflecting and I will continue to do so until I am no longer able to. A work in progress.  I am taking a new [...]

Selective Mutism and Therapeutic Animals

It is widely understood that animals can provide comfort, friendship and support to many people, whether they have additional needs or not. It is not widely documented, though, that animals can be especially beneficial to those with selective mutism. So, I thought I would write a little post addressing some of the positive relationships between [...]

Dear professionals

Dear professionals, Firstly, I understand and accept that selective mutism, the condition many of us struggle with, is little understood and known about. This is okay, you cannot help what you do not know until you're given opportunity to learn of it. I am giving you this opportunity now; I am giving you the opportunity [...]

My School Day With Selective Mutism

A day in the life with Selective Mutism - when society does not understand, support, include or accept you - can be extremely frightening and challenging. If I think back to my high school days, I remember the feeling of absolute fear rushing through my body when I tried to go about my day to [...]