Silently Failing and Succeeding with Selective Mutism

University is something I'll be soon be attempting. On the 2nd of September I'll be turning 23 years old and on the 24th of September I will be moving 4 hours away from my family home to study psychology. Most people in my academic school year have already graduated from university, it doesn't matter though. [...]


Selective Mutism and Therapeutic Animals

It is widely understood that animals can provide comfort, friendship and support to many people, whether they have additional needs or not. It is not widely documented, though, that animals can be especially beneficial to those with selective mutism. So, I thought I'd write a little post sharing the positive changes to life that animals [...]

Biggest Achievement Yet?

As proud of myself as I am for reaching and achieving some incredible goals, experiences and awards throughout the past 12 months, it has been a rather "minor" event that I have found most rewarding. When I am asked whether or not I am now fully verbal, I usually answer with, "Almost completely, but there [...]

Dear professionals

Dear professionals, Firstly, I understand and accept that selective mutism, the condition many of us struggle with, is little understood and known about. This is okay, you cannot help what you do not know until you're given opportunity to learn of it. I am giving you this opportunity now; I am giving you the opportunity [...]

My Independent Holiday

For the past 5 years I have longed to go to the coast, for a short holiday, without the support of my family. I have hovered over that "book now" button so many times, last year I was incredibly close to pressing it indeed, but unfortunately I mirrored myself the previous years, which meant it [...]

Treating Selective Mutism

Fortunately, there are many different types of therapy and intervention available for treatment of selective mutism. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness, they're not always, at present, easily accessible. **The Selective Mutism Resource Manual - 2nd Edition is a very useful book, I highly recommend all parents and professionals purchase a copy.** Decreasing the symptoms [...]

Searching for the Social Skills I Lost

Overcoming selective mutism is quite an incredible journey; a journey that is exhausting, slow and, most of all, rewarding. Unfortunately, SM often means that many life skills and aspects of life itself become negatively impacted, as well of positively (future blog post). However, today, I am just going to focus on the area of social [...]