Searching For The Social Skills I Lost

Overcoming selective mutism is quite an incredible journey; a journey that is exhausting, slow and most of all: rewarding. Unfortunately, many life skills and aspects of life itself can be negatively effected, as well of positively (future blog post), when you struggle with SM. However, today, I am just going to focus on the area [...]


SMIRA conference 2017

All that I had been through and faced on Saturday 18th March didn't fully register with me until today. Attending the SMIRA conference had been something I felt equally nervous and excited about, but it didn't feel like it was actually going to come around and happen until the evening before. I guess it was [...]

Friendships are difficult

How do you make friends? How do you maintain friendships? How often should I see my friends? How often should I contact my friends? What should I talk to my friends about? I don't understand friendships and I never have done. Before my Selective Mutism developed I still struggled socially and was socially different  compared [...]