An Autist’s First Year at University (UEA)

Oh Time, you failed to surprise me by surprising me yet again. I am so very surprised at how my first year at university has been, but I had suspected that upon completion of this year I would look back and be surprised. So, am I surprised or not? I guess not. What a rather [...]

Actually Autistic: So THAT’S Why!

A little journey: Hidden in the staff toilets, one mid-morning, 15-year-old me overheard support staff having a conversation, in the room next door, about my behaviour. I was most annoyed.                                                   [...]

A Student’s Sensory Life

I hide a lot; we all hide a lot. repeat: I hide a lot. I am hiding whilst I am hidden and I am hiding whilst I am visible. I am a natural at drifting off to transform into my semi-invisible self. I experience sensory overload every single day whilst on campus at university. [...]