An Autist’s First Year at University (UEA)

Oh Time, you failed to surprise me by surprising me yet again. I am so very surprised at how my first year at university has been, but I had suspected that upon completion of this year I would look back and be surprised. So, am I surprised or not? I guess not. What a rather [...]

Actually Autistic: So THAT’S Why!

A little journey: Hidden in the staff toilets, one mid-morning, 15-year-old me overheard support staff having a conversation, in the room next door, about my behaviour. I was most annoyed.                                                   [...]

Depression and Selective Mutism

All of my friends whom have Selective Mutism have experienced severe depression, or are currently experiencing severe depression. Many of my acquaintances whom have Selective Mutism have experienced such darkness, too. I have experienced depression, two periods of it - one period of which was related to my SM lasting at least 6 months. Like [...]

A Student’s Sensory Life

I hide a lot; we all hide a lot. repeat: I hide a lot. I am hiding whilst I am hidden and I am hiding whilst I am visible. I am a natural at drifting off to transform into my semi-invisible self. I experience sensory overload every single day whilst on campus at university. [...]

Selective Mutism and Social Pressure

Summer and autumn have now ended and winter has arrived; it is getting increasingly cold. Sometimes, when I walk to class during the early mornings, I notice the greenery looking somewhat less green and more frosty white instead. In the winter different bits of life freeze, but they do not stay frozen.       [...]

Selective Mutism and “Why?”

So, things have changed a little and things will always be changing, at least, a little. My opinions are evolving and they will never reach completion. I have done lots of reflecting and I will continue to do so until I am no longer able to. A work in progress.  I am taking a new [...]

Silently Failing and Succeeding with Selective Mutism

University is something I'll be soon be attempting. On the 2nd of September 2018 I'll be turning 23-years-old. On the 24th of September I will be moving 4 hours away, from my family home, to study psychology. Most people in my academic school year have already graduated from university, it doesn't matter though. In 2008 [...]