Hello and welcome

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Hello there,

I have wanted to create my own blog for years; I wish I had a good excuse as to why I didn’t, but the truth is I simply haven’t had time.

So, now I have much more free time on my hands I thought now would be the perfect time to actually make a start on creating my blog. I have called my blog ”I am not shy.”. There is a strong reason as to why; why is because I have Selective Mutism. Throughout my most difficult years, people often would say things similar to ”This is Natasha, she’s really shy” or ”Natasha probably won’t talk to you, she’s shy”. This bothered me an awful lot. I wasn’t shy, or should I say, I wasn’t simply shy. There is a huge difference between being simply shy compared to struggling with the debilitating anxiety disorder that is Selective Mutism.

I have always been a quiet person, but I haven’t always had selective Mutism and I haven’t always been ”shy”. I up until the age of 14 was happy to perform solo gymnastics and dance performances in front of audiences consisting of hundreds of people, yet I found myself unable to say ”Hello” to other children in my class. This isn’t being simply shy, is it?

I guess my purpose of creating this blog is a place for me to write and explain what it is like to have Selective Mutism, the struggles we face, the disadvantages and the advantages, what helps us and what doesn’t and to spread more awareness and understanding of the condition.

I hope to post regularly and I hope this little introduction post made some amount of sense. I will post much more important, interesting and detailed posts very soon.

2 thoughts on “Hello and welcome

  1. Hello. Im Jessica Fields (not my real last name) from FaceBook. Just wanted to say hi& glad you made a blog. Is this also about genetic Social anxiety? As you may know, I had SM and still have high anxiety.


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